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Monday July 18

9:00 AM  –  5:00 PM

Camp Discovery

2022 Summer Camp Discovery

Give your child a S.A.F.E. (Science. Affordable. Fun. Educational) SCIENTASTIC SUMMER STEM experience at MODS’ summer camp program, sponsored by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. At Camp Discovery, we’ve crafted the ultimate age-appropriate camp experience, providing campers with interactive exploration and hands-on learning opportunities in the coolest camp environment, including a weekly IMAX immersion! Awesome themes abound from MODS Space Adventures to Dinos in Motion and STEAM Makerspace to Zombie Survival Training and more.

For ages 6-12
Time:  9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Before and after care are available from 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

MULTI-DAY CAMP TUITION We offer two-day, four-day, and five-day camps depending on the week/school calendar. Weeks cannot be prorated for fewer days attended.

Five-Day Camp:
Museum members: $225 per week
Non-members: $250 per week

 AFTERCARE TUITION A daily fee of $5 is charged per child for before/after care.

MULTI-CHILD DISCOUNTS* Save $25 off total for five-day camps. Use code 25off at check out.

*Multi-day camps cannot be prorated. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer.

CAMP DISCOVERY T-SHIRTS ARE REQUIRED Campers are required to wear Camp Discovery t-shirts. One FREE shirt will be included with registration for any multi-day camp, and an additional shirt will be provided for subsequent multi-day weeks. Additional shirts can be purchased for $10 at check-in.

FIELD TRIPS will be to Esplanade Park, an outdoor venue directly across from the Museum. Other enrichment activities will be brought in on-site to the Museum from trusted partners.

ADVANCED REGISTRATION is required to guarantee a spot due to smaller group sizes.


  • All camp registrations are final and will be honored only on the camp day/week purchased.
  • No refunds, returns or exchanges. Registration has no cash value.
  • Absences may not be “made up” by having your child(ren) attend another camp on a different day, nor will you receive a prorated amount/refund/credit for any missed days.
  • Except in the case of an event cancellation by the Museum, there are no refunds or exchanges allowed.

Camp Discovery Themes and Days/Weeks

STEAM Makerspace
June 13-17 (Five-Day Camp)

It’s the summer of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)! Campers will explore a new STEAM-y topic each day. Discovering different science careers from an engineer who performs stress tests on bridges to researching water quality as a marine biologist. There will be something for every scientist-in-the-making!

MODS Space Adventures 
June 20-24 (Five-Day Camp)

Campers will discover the mysteries of deep space, create a star projector and explore how challenging it is to control a rover that is thousands of miles away. Then, campers will maneuver a rover through a Martian obstacle course and participate in Mission: Egg Drop!

Dinos in Motion!
June 27-July 1 (Five-Day Camp)

STEAM meets Dinosaurs! Let’s dig into the world of dinosaurs through science and art. Campers will test out their imaginations by creating a tech dinosaur and receive a chance to explore our traveling exhibit, Dinosaurs in Motion!

Kitchen Chemistry! 
July 5-8 (Four-Day Camp)

Campers will explore how chemistry, biology and technology all play a part in the world of food and nutrition. Kitchen chemists will use chemistry to cook edible slime and make a solar oven for some afternoon snacks. Campers will put a cherry on top of their summer by learning how liquid nitrogen ice cream is made and have an ice cream sundae for a delicious end to summer vacation.

MODS Magical Camp for Witches and Wizards 
July 11-15 (Five-Day Camp)

Campers have been accepted at MODS Magical Camp for Witchcraft and Wizardry! Our first order of business? Get sorted and make wands. Throughout the week, campers will explore the classes at MODS, such as care of magical creatures, potions, herbology and defense against the dark arts. Young sorcerers, get ready for a week of bubbling potions, flying lessons, and much more!

Hall of Heroes
July 18-22 (Five-Day Camp)

How does Spiderman swing from thin strands of web? How does Storm manipulate the weather? Campers will discover the science behind Batman’s gadgets, Elastigirl’s flexibility, Flash’s super speed, and more!

Wet ‘n’ Wild Florida 
July 25-29 (Five-Day Camp)

This week is all about Florida’s backyard! Campers will discover the wonders of the ocean, and how it affects Florida’s Everglades, and so much more. Future environmental scientists will explore the beauty and diverse wildlife that makes our last frontier home and learn about food chains and how to identify animal tracks. Campers will meet some of the unique, endangered, and amazing animals that call Florida home.

Masters of Disaster
August 1-5 (Five-Day Camp)

Let’s wreak havoc this week to become masters of disaster! Campers will explore what it takes to engineer buildings that can withstand natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes and how emergency response teams navigate rough terrain to save lives.

Messy Matter! 
August 8-12  (Five-Day Camp)

Campers will learn about states of matter through crazy and messy chemical reactions. Mess masters will create a masterpiece with exploding paint and mix up a batch of fluffy and ooey-gooey slime!